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6. In price-discrimination, a monopolist lowers the price at the market where there is (1) Higher elasticity (2) Lower elasticity (3) Expensive factor price (4) Cheap factor price (1) HT (2) 1t 4 (3) H8 HT 4 (4) The kinked demand curve theory explains that even when the demand condi- tions the -the price- (1) Change, changes (2) Change, remains stable (3) Remain stable, changes (4) Remain stable, rise
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    7. Option (2) is correct. Kinked demand curve theory postulates that in oligopoly market, prices remain sticky at current level. So even if demand conditions change, prices are sta...
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    6. Monopolist lowers the price in market where (1) elasticity is higher. This is because due to high elasticity, if the monopolist reduces price even a little, he can gain a great...
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