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66. Goods and services are valued at market prices when calculating GDP. Because the 'outputs' of Government are not sold, they have no market prices. In the actual calculation of GDP (1) they are valued at zero (2) they are valued at the cost of producing them (3) their value is estimated from a survey of recipients of these services (4) their value is estimated from the market prices of similar market-provided services (1) I AAT T 67. If the multiplier is 3, the marginal tax rate is 20% and the money multiplier is 4, a Rs 10 crore increase in Governrnent, spending will cause the Government budget deficit to (1) increase by Rs 10 crore (2) incrcasc by Rs 6 crore (3) increase by Rs 4 crore (4) decrease by Rs 6 crore
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    2 nd option is correct
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