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68. Match the following List-l: (Meanings) List-I: (Concepts) 1. It encompasses various types of creations of a. Foreign direct investment mind like inventions. 2 Right conferred on the owner of a literary or b. Intellectual property artistic work. 3 Corporations that operate in more than one C. Copyrights country. A. It refers to the act of investing capital in a d. Multinational corporations business enterprise that operates overseas and in a foreign country.
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  • Nisha sharma
    a-4, b-1 ,c-2 ,d-3
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  • Sahil
    A.4, b.1, c.2, d.3
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  • Khushboo kumari
    A.4, B.1 ,C .2, D.3
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  • Ronak kumari upadhyay thankyou
    A 4 B. 2 C. 1 D. 3
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