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71. Cyclins are the regulatory subunits and cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) are the catalytic subunits, Following diagram repre- sents the involvement of cyclins and CDKs in various stages of cell cycle: Cyclin B CDK G M Cyclin A G Cyclin D CDK 45 CDK 2 Cyclin E CDK 2 If we knock down cyclin D in a cell by shRNA, which one of the following graphs correctly represents the level of CDK2 activity ?
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    you i think you know the cell is regulated by cdk and cyclin. cyclin,s are regulatory proteins. they regulates the activities of cdk. the cyclins can be synthesized and degreded th...
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  • Narayan singh thankyou
    so the ans is that
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  • Neha Gosai
    This is the complete question
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    Narayan singh
    i am so sorry to reply late. i was busy in my some lab work
  • Narayan singh
    dear please update full questions... that question is incomplete..... blow the qu some graph are given below so please provide the graph for the proper explanation.
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    Neha Gosai
  • Neha Gosai
    reply.. kb ayega.... after a new doubt...?
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  • Neha Gosai
    please... kindly give replies... faster...! as like other online classes do... give?
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  • Neha Gosai
    i got the point.....!
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  • Neha Gosai
    thanku sir
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