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8 In which of the following research methods, an empirico-inductive paradigm is employed (a) b) C) (dy Ethnographic probe Case study method Ex post facto method Narrative method xperimeatal methoa Select your ansWer fronm the options given below 1) 2 8) a) b) and (c b and d a), (b and (d C(d) and te)
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  • Anonymous User
    empirico—inductive paradigm is employed in 1) ethnographic probe 2) case study method 3) narrative method
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  • Ganesh Patra thankyou
    Answer is Ex post Facto method and experimental method. Because in an empirico-inductive paradigm, researcher collects empirical data (empirico) from specific cases to generalize (...
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  • Tanveer ahmad khan
    case study method
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    e) experimental method. inductive approach is used where the researcher starts from gathering data to formulate new theories.
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