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Advantages of Multi- natioral companies are 2 SEZ policy in India is motivated by the experience of he Corsumer protection act 198 extends to 4 he Corsumer protection act 1980 eracted in The responsibility tor administratirng FEMA B vested Witn e FSCal policy and paa f the amount claimed by a consumer as compensation is Rs. 89 lakhs the case under the osuers protection act shall be filed with lectual Property rights are pea 9 his is the Govts strategy in respector public expenditure and revenue which have a significant 0 peact on business. Arrange the following concepts /acts in the order in which they came ito force 1.Competition Act 2. Foregn Exchange management HCt 41 Losumer Protection Act 4 Securities and exchange Board of India Act Codes lath tie to Indnsty| ListI: Qavestment Lini) LHC mall Sceaie katerpeise Tny Ealeepise Rs. 25 Lakh k. 0 Crces toe To iCom
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  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar
    Give answer as per question. may be year will be given in question.
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    Nisha sharma
    its not given then
  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar thankyou
    Answer is state consumer grievance. because state consumer grievance redressal commission upto Rs.1crore and above Rs.20 lakhs.
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    Nisha sharma
    but we have read about 2 acts 2019 & how we will understand that according to which act we have to give answer
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