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An electric field E = E,2 is applied to a Hydrogen atom in n=2 excited state. Ignoring spin the n=2 state is fourfold degenerate, which in the ,m) basis are given by 0,0) 1,1).1.0) and 1,-1). If H' is the interaction Hamiltonian corresponding to the applied electric field, which of the following matrix elements is nonzero? (a)(0,0 H|0,0) ( 0,0 "|1,0 b)0,0H|1 (0.0 '|1-1)
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  • Anand thankyou
    c is correct. Thing is there are singlet and triplet in nature. S=0 for singlet and s=1 for triplet.
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  • Savita soni
    (c) is correct
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