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and T, Consider the following schedule for transactions T, 1 T2 T, Read(X Read (Y) Read(Y) Write(Y) Write(X) Write(X) Read(X) Write(X) Which one of the schedules below is the correct serialization of the above? T,T T (C)T- T, -T, (B) T T,T (D) T,-»T, T (A) lo com 1 Call us: 7665435300 77
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  • Mohit kaushik
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  • Nabeela
    have you got the solution?
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  • Sonali
    how can I draw the graph can u elaborate ?
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  • Sonali
    how can I identify correct answer based on graph ?
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  • Sonali
    which option is correct ?
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  • Nabeela thankyou
    firs tmake the graph based on these transaction.. if it contains cycle then it is not conflict serializable else it is...if it is CS , then arrange them according to topological so...
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    do you know how to make a graph to check CS
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