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Answer is d. i think i, ii and iv are correct.

(a) A) and (B) Jay (A) and (C) (d) (C) and (D) A (c) (C) and (C) 29 Given below are two premises (a) and (b). From those two lpremises four conclusions (), (i), (iii) & (iv) are drawn. s Uselect the code that states the conclusions validly drawn from the premises (taking singly or jointly.) Premisesiop. (A) Untouchability is a curse. 0o S6 (B) All hot pans are untouchable. Conclusions: N / Oo 1oo ro So So So All hot pans are curse. SN SD ) (11) Some untouchable things are hot pans. (i1) All cur'ses are untoúchability. So (iv) Some curses are untouchability. Codes: a) ) and (i) (c) (iii) and (iv) 30 1f the statement 'None but the brave wins the race' is false (b) (ii) and (iii) (d) (i) and (iv) which of the following statements can be claimed to be frue?

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  • Reshma gupta best-answer

    for this kind of question we just have to go for direct conclusion from the premises. as A) untouchability is a curse what we can infer from this i) some untouchability is a curse ii) some curse is untouchability B) all hot pans are untouchable we can direct infer from this i) some hot pans are untouchable ii) some untouchable is hotpans. two conclusion is in the codes available from this. so we would direct go for the code d) ii and iv


    kindly explain with Venn diagram or income expense method


    from the other method answer is different but what i understand and i studied during my jrf preparation.if we are getting direct answer from the premises,we would have to go for that instead of going inside because that consume more time and increase confusion.


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