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Aouy tana i are uue (uj uiy (c) only iii and iv are true (d) only i and iv are true 168. let 4 be an m xn matrix, be r". then the system of equations ax= b has

aOuy Tana I are uue (UJ UIy (c) Only III and IV are true (d) Only I and IV are true 168. Let 4 be an m xn matrix, be R". Then the system of equations AX= b has a solution if and onlv if (a) becolumn space of A (C) b=0 169. In R', consider the following three statements about the subsets E = {1, 0, 0), (0, 1, 0), (0, 0. 1) (b) berow space of A (d) rank lAb| > rankA (1 1 1 1 u

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    Navdeep goyal 1 Best Answer

    System AX=b has a sol if b=0 if b≠0 then system may be inconsistent


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