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Arnold's view on what makes a good poem

Arnold's view on what makes a. good poem

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    Deb dulal halder Halder

    that's why ARNOLD thinks poetry is a substitute for religion

  • Payal Best Answer

    Arnold views are elaborately stated in "the study of poetry". Poetry is an interpretation of life. It is criticism of life. It has the power to console, sustain and form us. At the same time, it delights us too. Poetry plays an eminent role in life.  1. poetry should be a real classic in nature. Poetry of Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Milton and the like is a serious criticism of life. So it is good poetry. Excellence of poetry lies both in its matter or substance and in its manner of style. But matter and style must have the accent of high beauty, worth and power. If the matter of a poet has truth and high seriousness, the manner and diction would also acquire the accent of superiority. The two are vitally connected together.  2. Arnold thinks that poetic subject is the first consideration with a great Poet. Poetic expression comes only afterwards. According to him, human actions are the best subject matter of poetry. 3. Arnold also thinks that the greatness of a poet lies in his powerful and beautiful application of ideas of life. Truth and seriousness of substance and matter, Felicity and perfection of diction and manner are exhibited in the best poets. 4. He suggests the poems which give answer to the question, "how to live well?" is best.


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