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(c) the cause of action, WnOuy The State Commission's jurisdiction may be orngnal, appellate Commission may reverse the orders passed by the District Forum has llate or sional. In (e) the any questi tion of fact or law o espect of (c) above has he or correct a Education and Research Society (1992) CPR 4(NC)h he National Commission in Indian Airlines v.Consumer Educa 1n respect of the original jurisdiction of the State Commission, Secti. limits have been fixed for the exercise of original jurisdiction unda. fact or ef law made by the Forum. atter of entertaining original complaints by the State Commissio as well a ission, Section 17 only prescribes pecuniary limits. No te Every app consisting Departm 20(2) er isdiction under the Act though the provision contained insfor 11(2) of the Act apply mutatis mutandis in the matter of entertaini. territorial jurisdiction of the State Commission therefore extends to herefore extends to the territorial limit of the State. In the exero for a t its appellate jurisdiction, the State Commission may entertain appeals only against the orders of any District District Forums only orders of the District Forum within the State may be subject to revision by the anothe the qu within the State. Similar condition also pplies in respect of the State Commissions power to revise orders mmissions power to revise orders on th Commission. Any ) a wit Transfer of Cases afte Section 17A empowers the State Commission on the application of the complainant or of its own motion to trans tha th at anv stage of the proceeding any complaint pending berore the District Forum to another Distriet Forum within State if the interest of justice so requires. Contact Us: Website: im
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