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Calculations basics in preparation of media for petri plates ,formula ,

calculations basics in preparation of media for petri plates ,formula ,

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    Use the formula: [Number of colonies counted] × 10 × [how many times the sample must be multiplied to get to the original concentration: for example, 105] = Number of colony forming units (CFU) per milliliter of starting culture. This is the bacterial growth in your petri dishes. 1 mg/ml = 1000 mg/L. X mg in X ml total solution. 1 µM/ml (1µM = Mol Wt / 1 000 000) X µM in X ml total solution. According to the manufacturers instruction for nutrient agar (NA), 28 g of NA = 1000 ml (1 Liter) of distilled water. This implies that, 28 g of NA should be dissolved in 1000 ml of distilled water; and this is usually for 50 plates of NA.


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