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Oues. In certain coding method the word QUESTION IS encoded as DOMECTY OMESICSM DOMESTIC. In this coding what (NTA UGC NET June Ques. ET June word for the word RESPONSE (B) OMESUCEM OMESISCM (A) (D) C) OMESICEM (C) QUESTION DOMESTIC Ans. E M S E N C RESPONSE> ME ICEM as Ques. If STREAMERS is coded as UVTGALDOR, then KNOWLEDGE will be coded as (NTA UGC NET Dec. 20 (B) MPOYLDCFD (A) MOPYLCDFD (D) YMOPLDDFC C) PMYOLDFCD Ans. (B) MPOYLDCFD Ques. In a certain code MATHURA is coded as JXOEROX. The code of HOTELS will be (NTA UGC NET June (B) ELOBIP (A) LEQIBP (C) LEBIQP (D) ELIPOB (B) Coding is the 3rd letter backward so HOTELS wil become ELOBIP Ans.
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