Neha Gosai Asked a Question
August 9, 2020 7:15 pmpts 30 pts
can we get a online tutor?... Or eccess to online classes...!
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  • Prashant singh thankyou
    Hello Neha, Hope you are doing good. As per your query i just want to tell you that we are working on videos/ online lectures so soon you will be able to get videos. Till then you ...
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  • Narayan singh
    yes i am also available as a online tutor.
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    Neha Gosai
    then how can i get access to you??
  • Bushra
    like unacademy we want online vedio and explanations of each topic
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    Neha Gosai
  • Anup padwal
    its management decision of Eduncle.
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  • Neha Gosai
    how can i get access to it
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