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September 22, 2021 • 13:16 pm 30 points
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" chi square test is exclusively a non parametric test". how it is false. plz tell me.

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  • Asheesh

    here exclusively non parametric test there are various tests available for non-parametric test like mann Whitney -u test, kruskal wallis H test , Rank test, here what i mean that the chi square only not for non parametric test or not this exclusively for non parametric test, there are various methods available so we cannot say that the chi square test is exclusively

  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar

    The term "non-parametric" refers to the fact that the chi‑square tests do not require assumptions about population parameters nor do they test hypotheses about population parameters. The Chi-square test is a non-parametric statistic, also called a distribution free test. Non-parametric tests should be used when any one of the following conditions pertains to the data: The level of measurement of all the variables is nominal or ordinal.


    what is the meaning of exclusive here ?


    Exclusively means it's only non-parametric test, but sometimes chi square test used for parametric test also.


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