Nikita shevkani Asked a Question
August 5, 2020 5:23 pmpts 30 pts
here m not able to understand the stimulus and response words .... and what are these UCS , UCR , CS,CR and their principles too...... what is meat powder here??? and what is salivation here???
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  • रौनक thankyou
    dear student when I started reading these terms years ago even I could not get these terms. so don't worry. now I give you an example I am a tutor and answering to your question be...
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  • रौनक
    Now you asked about meat powder it is like a piece of meat that a dog loves to eat. The unconditional stimulus is natural response that any hungry person/animal feel when they see ...
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  • Nikita shevkani
    ok ma'am thank you
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