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Consider a signaling pathway that proceeds through three protein kinases that are sequenta that are sequentialy activated by phosphorylation. In one case the kinases are held in a signaling complex by Scaffolding protein and in other the kinases are freely diffusing. Which of the following statement is correct? (A) In 1st case speed of signal will be lower. (B) In 2nd case there will be no amplification of the signal. C) In 2nd case there will be no crosstalk. (D) In 1st case there will be no crosstalk but will have higher speed.
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  • Dr.madhurima das thankyou
    answer C. due to limited target kinase interaction crosstalk will be inhibited
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    Mam please clear the word "crosstalk"
  • Dr.madhurima das
    answer is C. crosstalk will be inhibited due to limited target of kinase interaction
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