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Consider the cell Cd(s)/Cd* (1.0 M)//CT (1.0 M))Cu(s). Ifwe wanted to makea cell with a more positive voltage using the same substances, we should (a) increase both [Cd*] and [Cu2] to 2.00 M (b) increase only the [Cd to 2.00 M (c) decrease both the [Cd] and [Cu2] to 0.100 M (d) decrease only the [Cd] to 0.100 M The standard reduction notential values of three metallic cation X. Y 7 are 0.53,-304 and
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    Ecell= Eo cell - Rt/nF ln (products/ reactants ) Ecell= Eo cell - Rt/nF ln (cd+2/cu+2) E cell increase in two ways I) cd+2 concentration decreses 2)cu+2 concentration increses
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    option D
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    kindly explain, sir.
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