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Consider the figure below and answer the question that follows. prom vv The plasmid shown is similar to what was used to produce the 1 SARS-Cov2 mRNA vaccine. You are tasked to insert the sequence of the immunogen. The restriction map of the immunogen is shown. 1. Your friend who is still in 1 year indicates that your immunogen doesn't have restriction sites on the extreme ends (right at the beginning and right at the end). This means that there is noD way to digest it without losing some of the immunogen sequence. Do you agree that there is no other way but to lose some of the sequence Why? 2. Your colleague advises you to use one enzyme to digest your immunogen and plasmid for future ligation Your Bio206 friend advises you to use 2. Which option will you choose? Why? 3. Which enzymets) will you choose? Why? 4What enzymels) will yotu use to digest each of the 5' and 3 ends of the immunogen? Why?
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    1. Yes i agree there no restriction sites at extreme ends so in such cases we can use adapter which are chemically synthesized ss or ds- oligonucleotides that can be easily ligated...
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