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March 19, 2019 • 2:31 pm

Feeling low and depressed with criticism? Learn to deal with Criticism Constructively

Learn to take your Criticism Constructively

Criticism is something which is never taken on a positive note, as our ever changing human mind is not ready to accept that our so much willed efforts are not invested towards our much desired ‘GOAL’.

I being a cricket fanatic would rather explain criticism as when the batsman plans to play the ball thinking the baller is going to ball with same speed and using the same technique and all of a sudden he realizes that the baller used a different bowling technique and he not ready for the change gets what he doesn’t wanted…. Either clean bowled or LBW.

Well that’s cricket taking the same situation what I am trying to convey is the fact that our human brains is not ready to accept the fact that we have made an error. An error can be rectified as we do while solving a mathematical problem then why can’t our own lives.

Here are some tips that may help you to

"Deal with Criticism"

1. Don’t React Instantly

We human beings instantly react on things and later regret for doing that.It’s a common tendency that whenever we hear something against us, we quickly react on those things. But have you ever heard about the phrase “Keep your critics close to you", so I think we all should follow this and take our criticism positively.

Stop and think before giving any reaction, first try to know the whole matter and react accordingly.

2. Listen to your Critics Calmly

Don’t interrupt in between while they are saying something. Instead of putting your explanations in between, listen to them. They might be criticizing for your improvement. So we should give them complete time to put their views and try to improve our weak points.

3. Accept the Fact that you were wrong

If you keep on thinking that you didn’t commit any mistake and you are right at your place, then you may seem like an over-confident person. You should learn to accept your fault for betterment in your work.

4. Analyze Your Mistake

When someone tells you about your faults, try to analyze that why did this happen? And what improvement should be made?. This is the way you can analyze your mistakes and make efforts to improve them.

5. Learn from It

We should always learn from our past experiences so that in future we never repeat same mistakes. There’s a saying that “our mistake is our best teacher” and life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. There’s nobody who do not make mistake but they improve them by learning from them.

6. Ask for their Feedbacks

This is a very polite way to ask for feedbacks on your work so that you can make improvement.  Employees should ask their seniors about feedbacks on their work. If they suggest to make improvements on sepcific things, try to improve it.

7. Don’t take it personally

You should take criticism seriously but not personally. If someone is criticizing for your work that doesn’t mean he/she dislikes you.They might be helping you to turn out yourself into a better person.

8. Say Thank You

When someone interrupts you in your work style, take it in positive way and thank them for letting you know about your weak points.

“Learn to see the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Appreciate the constructive and ignore the destructive.” John Douglas.