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d) Q and R [GATE 2016 c) Qand S The turnover number and specific activity oI an enzyme (molecular weight 40,00OD) in a reaction reactior 93. (Vmax4umol of substrate reacted/min, enzyme amount = 2ug) are a) 80,000/min, 2x10 umol substrate/min b) 80,000/min, 2x10 umol substrate/second b) c) 40,000/min, 1x10 umol substrate/min c) CSIR NET JUNE 2016) d) 40,000/min, 2x10 umol substrate/min 94. In a mitochondrial respiration experiment. a researaher absan
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  • Krishan k jakhad
    answer will be A
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  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    A. Specific enzyme activity(usually stated simply as 'specific activity') is the number of Enzyme units per ml divided by the concentration of protein in mg/ml. whereas kcat, is t...
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