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Deleton analysis of a proimoter region of a gene was carmed out to dentity the regulatory elements in it. n the thigure below, the hlled boxes denote the areas of deletaon and the observed activithes (un arbitrary units) of the promote are as showm 0 100-50 Activity T pror m ww ww Based on the observations, tollowing staements were ade we A The region between -100 and -50 houises a positive regulatory element B. The region berween-200 and-250 hotses a neganve Tegatopy element C. The region between-150 and -200 houses a positive regulatory element. Which one or the tollowing Options represents the comect nterpretiation ot the data (1) Both A and B W ww 2) A ODy 3) B only 4) Both B and C ptions 1, 2.2 3. 3 4.4
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  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    1. since both A and B are true statements. according to given data since activity is 0 or reduced to half in first deletion -100 to -50 houses a positive regulatory element, on...
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