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dha I are true dita T are ar e true 37. An employee is employed in an industry on a wage of Rupees Eight'Thousand and Five Hundred per month, which is fixed as the minimum wage as a scheduled employment by the appropriate Government. What is the amount of bonus he shall be entitled to, if it is to be paid at the minimum rate of 8.33% by the employer under the payment of Bo- nus Act, 1965? (1) Rupees seven thousand only (2) Rupees nine thousand only (3 Rupees eight thousand and five hun- dred only 4) Rupees three thousand and five hun- dred only 12 38, The inter-union code of conduct aims to
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    Every employee not drawing salary/wages beyond Rs. 10,000 per month who has worked for not less than 30 days in an accounting year, shall be eligible for bonus for minimum of 8.33%...
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    but everywhere answer is 8500 rs. UGC ne b iska ans 8500 dia tha
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