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dllows Consider two transactions T, and T, which form schedules S S, S, and S, as fll Q. T, R.A], W,[A], W.[B] T RA. RB]. W [B S,: R.A), RA], R,[B]. W,A), W,[B], W,B] S: R.[AJ, R[A], R[B], W,[A]. W.B], W.[B] S,: RA]. R,[A], R[B]. W,[A]. w.B], W.[B] R,AI WLAI RA] w.[B] R[B] W.B] Which of the above is conflict serializable? Sol. (B) Only S,, S S S (A) Only S, (C) S, & S (D) Sol. (C) T T T T S S, r(A) R(A) r(A) R(A) r(B) Q R(B) WA) WA) WB) WB) W(B)
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    detailed explanation.. hope you got it..
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