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Do provide general information about art of fiction by henry james

do provide general information about art of fiction by Henry James

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    Deb dulal halder Halder

    Henry James, Matthew Arnold, F. R. leavis are all doing the same work of trying to create a high form of English discipline to distinguish it from popular readership

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    Deb dulal halder Halder Best Answer

    though Henry James talked about seriousness as a criteria of novel, it is highly debated as it signifies that women and children usually are not to be included in its readership. he was trying to establish the genre of novel in serious platform so as to make it suitable for academic engagement. this trying to crate the dichotomy between elite and popular literature

  • Sapare bhavani bai best-answer

    Henry James’s “The Art of Fiction” remains one of the most influential statements on the theory of the novel. The essay concisely assesses the condition of the genre up to his own time and accurately anticipates the direction of its future development. Much as Edgar Allan Poe did for the short story a generation earlier, James establishes the novel as a serious artistic genre, identifies its unique characteristics, and lays out the fundamental principles for its critical analysis. Prior to that time, the novel was treated as an inferior literary form, considered at best as light entertainment and at worst as pandering to escapism and immorality; in either case, it was generally regarded as unworthy of serious...


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