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July 25, 2020 12:35 pmpts 30 pts
do provide general information about modern feminism & must read modern feminists
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  • Deb Halder Best Answer
    it is to fight against patriarchal injustices in every aspect of women's lives from their gender conditioning to writing, to the gender roles, to male.dominated language and societ...
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    when did 4th wave start & who were the members
  • Deb Halder thankyou
    you can start with Woolf and simone de Beauvoir, then go to Elaine Showalter, then Gilbert and gubar, then Kate Millet, then Juliet Mitchell and other French feminists
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    is there a fourth wave of feminism ?
  • Deb Halder
    there is no category called modern feminism. it's 20th century feminism, you can say
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    well.what are the features of 20th century feminism. who were the main feminists
  • Sibabrata Nayak
    Motherhood is bliss. Your first priority is to care for your husband and children. Homemaking can be exciting and fulfilling.Throughout the 1950s, educated middle-class women heard...
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