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March 3, 2021 9:16 ampts 30 pts
do provide info about Plato's theory of Reality & it's divisions
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  • Deb halder Halder thankyou
    you should read REPUBLIC , BOOK 7 and 10 for this.
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  • Deb halder Halder Best Answer
    literature or art belongs to the fourth realm according to Plato as it is a mere shadow of REALITY. and hence should not be taken as a valid means of knowledge. he therefore banish...
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  • Deb halder Halder
    the other three being - THE ESSENCE OF THE REALITY, REALITY AND SHADOW, to which human beings have access as they are of this finite world.
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  • Deb halder Halder thankyou
    he made a four part division of reality according to which the SUPREME REALITY Is the realm of the infinite or the divine.
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  • Deb halder Halder
    Plato is idealistic and therefore for him the reality we live in is but a flux , dependent on time and space
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