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do tell important poems of Ted Hughes & Philip Larkin
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  • Akshit
    annus mirabilis was written by Larkin or Dryden ?
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  • Deb dulal halder Halder thankyou
    nice list by sibabrata nayak. read the poems and also have a look at the anthologies of their poem. in Cambridge book of modernism which I had referred to you earlier, there is a g...
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  • Sibabrata Nayak thankyou
    Ted Hughes poems are: 1. The Thought fox 2. Snowdrop 3. Pike (Anthologised poems) 4. View of a Pig 5. Night-Ride on Ariel 6. King of Carrion 7. Hawk Roosting 8. Esther's Tomcat 9....
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