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Eduncle EEdunc- All human beings use several types of learning. These vary aco ording to the context and subject matter Stimulus-Response Learning: The learner acquires a precise response to the discriminated stimulus, ypes of c Chaining: What's acquired is a chain of two or more, Such learning has also been described by those for other (motor) chain. Howevér, the presence of language in the human beings makes this special t mater to be lear 3.1 Types of Learning (a) Quant d an instrumen (a) is learned is a connection, or in Skinnerian terms, a diser iminated operant, sometimes called by physical response. (b) verbal response. If a stu cial t materi llon is the learning of chain that is verbal. Basically, the conditOns resem DEcause internal links may be selected from the individual's previously learned repertoire language. (b) C resemble e (d) ulnple Discriminations: The individual learns to make several different stimul, Wno EPnysical appearance to greater or lesser degree. It includes the facts which can be distingulsned cas nciple Learning: lt includes the list of concepts, It has essentially the concept learning as a proOd of this learning. (e) Concept Learning: the learner acquires the ability to make a common response to a clasS of stimui, e though the individual members of that class 'may differ widely from each other. The learner can make response that identifies an entire class of objects of events. ( torial "indenendent of its deeree of difficulty" can be learned in differe
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