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Eduncle. om Read the following information carefully and answer the question given below, Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude There are six children playıng football, namely A, B, C, D, E, and F. A and E are brothers, F 1s the sis is the only son of A's uncle. B and D are the daughters of the brother ofCs father. Ex.9 How is C related to F? of C (A) Cousin (C) Son (B Brother Ans. (A) (D) Uncle 1s ES and hence A's sister so C is also the son of Fs Uncle and is therefore. Fs cousin. So, the answer is Cousin. Ex.10 How many male players are there? (A) One (B) Three (C) Five (D) Six Ans. (B) As given A and E are brothers hence both are male. F is the sister of E and hence female C is the son and hence male. B and D are daughter and hence female. Thus, there are three males so the answer is Three. Ex.11 How many female players are there? (B) Three (A) Two (D) One (C) Five Ans. (B) Clearly from the solution of b we find that there are three females so the answer is Thre. Ex.12 How is D related to A? (B) Sister (A) Uncle (D) Cousin (C) Niece Clearly D's father is the brother of C's father and C's father is A's Uncle. So D's father is also A's Ans. (D) uncle thus D is A's cousin. Hence the answer is Cousin.
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    so the answer is
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    see this explanations
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