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Eduncle previous year solved papers (ps9)-commerce question: 90/950 u e propy pr o goo ta ana ncoe o peopie go 0ow. hee cnanges n ncomes or the peopie ana pces

Eduncle Previous Year Solved Papers (PS9)-commerce Question: 90/950 u e propy pr o goo Ta ana ncoe o peopie go 0Ow. hee cnanges n ncomes or the peopie ana pces or 9000s aect exports dnd npas Or 9000s and theteDy Statement !l: Secular disequilibrium in balance of payments occur because of short-run changes in an economy. es Statementlis corect, but l is incorect taleinent s coecs r ine carreet oth the satermens l and are incotrect DeLL

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    Ronak kumari upadhyay

    Answer D In time of prosperity income increases and prices too Secular disequilibrium is for long period


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