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July 30, 2019 • 3:50 pm

Eduncle Reviews: Here's What Our Toppers and Students Have Experienced!



In the last couple of years, we have studied that the exams preparation has undergone a drastic transformation. It’s partly down to online learning and the need to have topics on fingertips of students. While there’s convenience in studying at a classroom, nothing comes close to the personalized learning experience. And if you can get this experience at the comfort of your home, it’s even better.

Eduncle believes that it has made a platform where you can ask your doubts, learn with the experts and then lead the world with the personalised learning which can cater to all the students looking for a comfortable learning at their own pace and convenience.


“I would like to thank Eduncle. Eduncle material content is very useful for student those who prepare IIT-JAM Physics. Thanks.” - Kiran (IIT JAM, AIR 13)


When you choose to study from the material that is personalised and is available with such ease, there are many questions mystifying your mind like:

Will it help me to score higher? Is it good enough to make its mark? And more importantly, is it enough to prepare you for the real exam?

To answer all those question we at Eduncle have come up with courses for IIT JAM, UGC NET and CSIR NET Exams that could help them succeed in their exams for better future. And to make that sure, we hunted for qualified faculty only, who already cracked these exams and have excelled in the required subjects.

It was a challenging task to make courses for all these exams and their subjects that could live up to student's expectation. Now with more than 1950 selections, we believe that our study materials fulfil all the expectations in terms of quality.


At first I want to thank Eduncle for helping a lot of student providing such a good quality study material. The study material is really helpful to cover all important topics in a short time period.” - Sumta (CSIR NET, AIR 13)


In these years of helping & mentoring the students, we have received tons of reviews from them. All these toppers vouch for consistent studies and good material. And according to them Eduncle mentor and guides are really helpful. These were their reasons to choose Eduncle for the preparation.

Below are the reviews of our topper's and student's where they tell how happy they are with Eduncle and services.



“Eduncle has always been beneficial in my studies. Thanks for supporting me throughout my learning journey. Cracked my NTA-NET exam (July 2019) in EDUCATION.” – Waqar Yaseen (UGC NET, 99.76)


You can check out more student review on our review page. In case you have any queries or suggestion for Eduncle, please write to us in the comment section below or contact us via mail, call or WhatsApp.


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  • Vishal Jain
    Good Study Material, cover almost all the topics asked in recent NET exam. Exactly what I need!
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    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Thanks for kind words and appreciation!   Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Rajat Jaipuria
    Material - 4.5 stars The study material is great and recommended to every aspirants. The difficulty level of the questions are very similar the questions asked in the previous UGC NET exam
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    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Rajat, Greetings from Eduncle! Thanks for the kind words and appreciation! We value your generous feedback. Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
  • Tushar
    Can I do my pg from subharti University distance it currently approved by UGC.... .will i be eligible for NET...please help
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    Eduncle Team @Eduncle
    Hello Tushar,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    Yes, Subharti University approved by UGC. After enrollment in post graduation, you can apply for the UGC NET Exam.
    Thank You.
  • Riya
    JAM Geology Chapters are very well explained! I am studying only with Eduncle's Study Material for IIT JAM. I have started my preparation for the last 2 months and I really want to say my decision of choosing eduncle was right. I like their preparation tips and the blogs have also helped me a lot to understand JAM Exam.
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  • Abhishek
    Very Good, the toppers are inspirational. I have not purchased any material but I am a teacher so I can give you my wise words. In my class both students study, first the toppers and second the students who don't perform well. What I have found is that toppers are always very positive about their teacher and his study method. While some of the less scoring kids go ranting about the teacher's teaching style. Teacher provides the same notes to both and it's all upto your persistence that makes you topper or average. Simillar I have seen with Eduncle's Students - Whats Toppers say about Eduncle is different than what other non serious students say. This tendency never changes but still when you choose a course it is important to see other reviews. Always choose right books and notes because you can chnage your study plan, style, speed but study material is an investment which must be made wisely. If a hand written notes from senior makes you topper than choose it. If a good study material made by IITian makes you topper then go for it. And if you find an expensive study material good then go fr it. whatever suits you.
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  • Anonymous User
    Thank You Eduncle. I have received IIT JAM Study Material. The content is ok, and pages quality is also good. They include a lot of questions for practice. The pattern of question is excellent.
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  • Shubham Jaiswal
    The study material is well packed with exam-focused theory and questions. I didn't feel any necessity to buy other books as well. Eduncle's study material was enough to get me through the IIT JAM Exam. Thanks Eduncle! :)
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  • Puneet Aggarwal
    I am preparing for the UGC NET exam for the next year. I am using the study material which I borrowed from my cousin who has already cleared the UGC NET exam last year. The study material is really good and I am really happy that I didn't have to spend huge money on big coachings. I can study and clear the exam with Eduncle's study material. Loving this confidence. :)
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  • Sandhya Rani
    Nicely explained questions! For Theory, there are many (good) books available in market. But I like to read summerized notes only so I purchased it. The overall quality is good!
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  • Anjali Sharma
    If you are a IIT JAM aspirant, then buying this Study material is worth of money. Just bought the book few days back. I have read nearly half of it & really liked the Study material as far as I have reached.
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  • Abhishek
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