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May 25, 2021 7:58 pmpts 30 pts Permanent Disablement Benefit E cligibility: From day one of entering insurable employment for disablement due to employment injury. uration and Scale of Benefits : For whole life. Rate: For permanent total disablement - 90% of the average daily wages. For permanent partial disablen= Proportionate to the loss of earning capacity as determined by medical board. Dependents Benefit Eligibility : From day one of entering insurable employment in case of death due to employment injury. Duration and Scale of Benetits : For life to the widow or until her re-marriage. To dependent children til of 25 years. To dependent parents etc. subject to conditions. Rate 90% of the average daily wages shareable in fixed proportion among all dependents. Maternity Benefit Eligibility: Payment of contribution of 70 days in two preceding Contribution Periods. Duration and Scale of Benefits : Up to 26 weeks in case of confinement. Up to 6 weeks in case of Extendable by 1 Month on medical advice in case of Sickness arising out of Pregnancy, Confinement, Rate: 100% of the average daily wages. Medical Benefit Eligibility 'Reasonable medical care' for self and family from day one of entering insurable emplo Duration and Scale of Benefits : Reasonable medical care till he/she remains in insurable employr Medical Benefit under the ESI Scheme has now been extended to the widow/spouses of deceased/retire Insured Persons as well as to the widow/spouses of Insured Persons who ceases to be in an insura on account of Permanent Disablement, and also to widows of Insured Persons who are in receip Benefit. Other Benefits (a) Confinement Expenses Eligibility: An Insured Woman or an IP. in respect of his wife is eligible if confinement occu necessary medical facilities under ESI Scheme are not available. Duration and Scale of Benefīts : Up to two confinements only. Rate 5000/- per case.
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    Dependants Benefit (DB) : DB paid at the rate of 90% of wage in the form of monthly payment to the dependants of a deceased Insured person in cases where death occurs due to employ...
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