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equency v Estimate the surface temperature of a star if the radiation it emits has a maimum intansity length of 446 nm. VWhat is the intensity radiated by the star 2 Gen A 446 nm Lsing Wien's displacement law 0.288 cm-k 288 10 cm-k cm T 446x 10 cm yeak T-6500 K Using Stefan- Boltzmann law, total intensity radiated by star PsOT' = 5.67 x 10- x (6500 P-101.2x 10° Wm
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  • Paltu Sen thankyou
    A radiating star can be regarded as a radiating blackbody. A blackbody radiates wavelengths from zero to infinity. Different wavelengths of blackbody radiation have different inten...
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  • Paltu Sen
    A radiating star can be taken as a radiating blackbody. Different wavelengths of this radiation have different intensities that only depends on the temperature of the body. The wav...
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  • Dr. manish kumar gupta
    These formulae belongs to Black body radiation concept (prior to quantum physics stage), pls refer basic quantum physics books.
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  • Sandhya khade
    please explain
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  • Sandhya khade
    please explain how answer is calculated I don't understand
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  • Somnath thankyou
    Answer is already given.You have not mentioned your problem.
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