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EQuncle.coom 4. GENE MAPPING METHODS Hardy-Wein berg Equilibrium Allele frequency also known as gene frequency 1S relative frequency of an llele at a h a population. On the other hand, genotypic frequency Is tne number of individuals with divided by the total number of individual in a population. a b gjiven ger an. Population tween If all the evolutionary forces are not applied, genetic equilibrium is established behue frequencies of alleles in a random mating population. When two heterozygous individuals, say Aa and Aa are crossed, they segregate in a ratin 2Aa: 1aa. It can be illustrated with simple binomial expansion inbr Lin AA Aa aa freq han Genotypes hig (A + a)? = 1AA + 2Aa + 1aa poin In this, the gene frequencies of A and a are same, i.e., 0.5. Suppose, the gene frequencies of A and a are p and q respectively, then p +9= The probabilities of individuals obtained from such a population can be achieved like A (p) a (q) Edu A (p) AA (p) Aa (pq) Aa (p aa om a () So, from this one can compute Hardy-Weinberg equation p (AA)+ 2pq (Aa) +q (aa) Thus, gene frequency of A, A = p + % (2pq)
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