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evolution 8. There are 'n' numbers of alleles at a given locus in a diploid population. The proportion of all homozygotes in the population (A) All alleles are equal abundant (B) All alleles are not in equal abundant (1) 1/n and <1/n (3) 1/n and <1/n (2) 1/n and >1/n (4) 1/n and >1/n
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  • Pankaj Kumar
    so ans. is 1/n<1n bcz 0.50<0.58
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  • Pankaj Kumar
    and b k according alles are not equal so man lete h p=0.7and q=0.3 so pp =0.49 and qq=0.09 so 0.49+0.09=0.58 mean <1/n
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  • Pankaj Kumar
    a ke according alleles are equals so .. man lete h P-0.5 and q-0.5 so pp= 0.5×0.5=0.50 and qq=0.5×0.5=0.25 so 0.25+0.25=0.50 mean 1\n
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  • Shubham goyal thankyou
    4 it's a fact that you have to remember
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    Pankaj Kumar
    4 to wrong h
  • Tejashwini thankyou
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    Pankaj Kumar
    kese explain kar doge please ?
  • Pankaj Kumar
    are koi to bta do
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  • Pankaj Kumar
    answer please............
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