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Ex. Find accoustical & optical branches in following solids ) Diamond (ii) Graphite (ii) Graphene
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  • Payal
    And if so then why we take p=4 in graphite inspite of being having 2 atom basis
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  • Payal
    If graphite and graphene both are two atom basis with 2 D structure ,then their no. of branches should be same
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    Anshum Sharma
    Graphite is a 2D structure having atomic basis 4 ... four carbon atoms are bonded in a basis whereas in graphene atoms basis is 2
  • Payal
    but in diamond no. of atoms per unit permittive cell are 8 and in graphene these are 6 as u write that in graphite we have 4 atoms per unit permittive cell
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    Anshum Sharma
    Yes you are right no of primitive cells is 8 but here we check the no. of atoms in basis so Diamond is a 3D crystal structure with a face centered cubic Bravais lattice and "two a...
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  • Anshum Sharma thankyou
    Here is the detailed solution
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