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Explain about morphogenesis and organogenesis in plants?

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    Morphogenesis is the unfolding of form and structure. Unfolding refers to the differentiation of undifferentiated (unprogrammed) cells and the organization of these differentiated cells into tissues (histogenesis), organ systems (organogenesis), and a functional organism (embryogenesis). Organogenesis, in embryology, the series of organized integrated processes that transforms an amorphous mass of cells into a complete organ in the developing embryo. The cells of an organ-forming region undergo differential development and movement to form an organ primordium, or anlage. As nouns the difference between morphogenesis and organogenesis. is that morphogenesis is (biology) the differentiation of tissues and subsequent growth of structures in an organism while organogenesis is (biology) the formation and development of the organs of an organism from embryonic cells.


    plz explain shoot apical meristem


    Shoot apical meristem is the region in the growing shoot containing meristematic cells. The shoot apical meristem contains multipotent stem cells and produces primordia that develop into all the above ground organs of a plant.


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