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Example: Which of the following subset of Rn is compact ? (A) (x, X .t. x|< 1, i=1, 2,..n} {(X,, X.X)s.t. x, + X, + ... +X 0} {(x,, Xgy..X)S.t x 20; i = 1, 2..n} (B) (C) XX.X,) s.t. 1 Sx < 2} Solution: (D) (D) (A) Bounded but not closed not compact (B) Closed but not Bounded > not compact (C) Closed but not Bounded not compact (D) Closed and Bounded Compact
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  • Sonika Jain
    thanku its good to understand by your way
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  • Satpal singh Best Answer
    see the attachment i hope u will unnderstand the logic apply same logic for options C & D
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