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ficl usynchronous learning and iris to improve lea ed learning-support system desigife A computer-media. provide Intelligent support both for the processes of doing a project and for learning from dc (a) A shared dynamic knowledge base for working and learning in a community supporting (b) d Learning includes support for two instructional processes and four learning pra Project Based. processes are: (Scaffolding: Scatfolding as a process where an expert performs part of a complex ta nDrepared, thereby allowing learners to engage in work that would normally be outside th take the form of a suggestion or other discourse-based assistance. (bCoaching: Situated responses to learner task performances which are targeted at closer to expert pertormance. Advanced, interactive help system that is context/task sensitive: Immediate feedback targeted at improving the use of the tools themselvees. Immediate feedback targeted at explaining/scaffolding/supporting performance Context sensitive guidance system. cThe Learning Processes: Tools designed to assist learners with the complex de being resourceful within authentic research projects scheduling tools for establishing and stop dates. speech). (d)Knowledge Representation: Tools designed to assist learners in the framin of their ideas, knowledge, and their development, and in deriving cognitive ben Sections for representation ofa project abstract, project goals, objectives, of the work. Multiple representational formats via native documents and automatica e nmunication and Collaboration: Tools designed to support the exc Scaffolding, coaching, and guidance systems fully integrated to assis T education educational oth from the DOration between widely distributed participants, feedback, discussion, of learners. | Email:|C explain me all this points ticked in an understable language by giving xamples
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    Scaffolding The term scaffolding refers to a process of teaching. In scaffolding, teachers model and/or demonstrate how to solve a problem for their students. They then let the s...
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