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(g) Natural Environment: The Natural en vironment influences business in diverse ways. The natural environment is the ultimate source of many inputs such as raw materials and energy, which firms use in their productive activity. In fact, the availability of natural resources in the region or country is the basic factor in determining business activity in it. The natural environment which includes geographical and ecological factors such as minerals and oil reserves, water and forest resources, weather and climatic conditions and port facilities are all highly significant for various business activities. For example, steel producing industries are set up near the coalmines to save cost of transporting coal to distant locations. The natural environment also affects the demand for goods. For example, in places where temperatures are high the demand for coolers and air conditioners are high. Similarly, weather and climatic conditions influence the demand pattern for clothing, building materials for housing etc. Natural calamities like floods, droughts, earthquake etc, are devastating for business activities. (h) Ecological Environment : Due to the efforts of environmentalists and international organisations such as the World Bank the people have now become conscious of the adverse effects of depletion of exhaustible natural resources and pollution of environment by business activity. Accordingly, laws have been passed for conservation of natural resources and prevention of environment pollution. These laws have imposed additional responsibilities and costs for business firms.
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    In easy language Natural environment means all living and non-living things occurring naturally, meaning not because of humans. ... Ecological units which are natural systems with...
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