Divya sree reddy Asked a Question
July 21, 2020 6:00 pmpts 30 pts
general question in CSIR NET mathematical Sciences virtual calculator is not provided then how can we calculate the values of exponential functions and logarithmic functions and also square root and also route is national values can you please explain
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya thankyou
    in exam you have given question in such way, so these things cancells. or either you have given some values in instructions or you have to approximate them because answer comes in...
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    Priyadarshan Choursiya
    those quantity which can't be calculated, it become cancel in that question. they make questions in that way
  • Divya sree reddy
    Please find the attachment.
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  • Divya sree reddy
    Please see the underlined equations, in those actually we can't calculate exponential and irrational values without calculator . Then is there any way to solve such kind of equatio...
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