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GHven below are two staten ents -one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R) Assertion (AJ: For certain goode, the expenditure by the consunmers decreasea. Reasons (R): For such goods. the income elacticity of demand is hugh. In the light of the above two statem ents choose the correct option (1 2 (3) Both (A) And (R) are true and (Ri is correct explanation of (A) Both (A) aDd (R) are true and (Ri is not correct explanation of (A) CA) in true but (R is fsloe 14) (A) is false but dR) 28 true
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    the correct option is C A is true but R is false yes for certain goods the portion of the income spent by the consumers decreases as their income increases. but the reason is ...
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