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Given below are four DNA sequences and a set of forward and reverse primers for PCR amplification. 78. FoAwaro psaneh Sequence Primes nomnal fo FP:5-TGTTAG-3' (a) 5-ACAATCGT...ACTAGTAC -3 o ds PUA (35 RP: 5-ACTGGC-3 wwAaI An m s FP:5-CTTGAC-3 omnal o r RP: 5-TAGTAC-3' FP:5-AAGACT-3' (b) 5-AGTCTTA. ATGCCAGT-3 5-CTTGACTA.....GTACAGTCA-3 RP:5-TGACTG-3 AlAamol o ds DNA FP: 5-GATCTA-3 RP:5-CAGACG-3 (c) s'-3 (d) 5-GATCTAGC...TCAAGCAGAC-3' In the absence of any other factors such as (but not restricted to) Tm length, percent GC, etc. which one of the above template-primers combinations would produce an amplified fragment? (2) (b) only (1) Both (a) and (c) (3) Both (c) and (d) (4) (c) only
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    option d is correct...it means C only has right primers see diagram
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