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Given below are statements related to different aspects of plant growth and development. (A) Leaf longevity is increased in ethylene-insensitive mutants etr 1-1 and ein2 of Arabidopsis (B) Programmed cell death (PCD) is responsible for the formation of prickles, thorns and spines in plants. (C) Senescence and PCD occur only in the development of vegetative tissues and does not occur in reproductive tissues (D) Redifferentiation of organelles is an integral component during initial stages of senescence in plants. Which one of the following represents the combiation of all correct statements? (1) (A). (C) and (D) (3) (A), (B) and (D) (2) (B) and (C) (4) (C) and (A)
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  • Yogita Basnal thankyou
    Option 3 is correct. Leaf longevity is increased in ETR1 and EIN2 mutants because in those mutants EIN2 is unable to activate EIN3 to initiate leaf senescence. PCD is responsible...
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  • Shalini
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  • Alka pal
    4th option is correct
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