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Glaciers are downward moving bodies of (A) only snow (B) mostly ice and some snow at the top (C) mostly snow and some ice at the top (D) snow and ice in alternate layers The basal section of amphibole is six-sided while the same of pyroxene is eight-sided. This is because of the absence of the crystal face (A) {100} (B) {011) (C){1i) (D) {0l0)
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    1.(B) Mostly ice and some snow at top Initially snow gets deposited on the top of glacier and continuous deposition of snow will lead to compaction of previously deposited snow. Sn...
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  • Sajan sarthak sahoo thankyou
    1 ..Mostly ice and some snow at the top. snow when fresh waterdrops below it's freezing point . ice is lithified compact snow 2. because due to absence of 100 plane
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  • Veer vikram singh
    Answer: Option B mostly ice and some snow at the top
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    Shivam sharma
    How Snow at top
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