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HA] Measure of proton transfer potentia value. The acid of the pair with the lower pk value (the stronger acid-in this case is acetic acid COOH) can protonate the base of the pair with the higher pk, (in this case is NH), while ammonium logarithm O Ahm of the acid constant K (where 'a' stands for acid). The stronger an acid is, the lower its pK, Ac a measure of the proton transfer potential of an acid-base, its pK value is used-the negative potential H) can prot cetate (NH,+ and CH,COO-) only forms very little CH.COOH and NH CHCOoHICHIcool pk (a) pK (b) pH 8 10 NHNH 12 20 40 60 80 100 9% Dissociated 14 Fig.: pH Corresponds to pk, Value hasic forms of a weeka Explain this
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    Titration curve: at the midpoint where pH=pKa the concentrations of the weak acid and it's conjugate base are equal.
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