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(C) D2h (C) Dah (d) D 4h The character table for the D, point group is provided beloW: D3 E 2C3 3C2 A 1 x+y,z A2 1 Z,R, E 2 0 (x, y). (R,,Ry)(x -y', xy), (XZ, yz) For this point group, the correct statement among the following is (a) It is possible to have a totally symmetric normal mode of vibration which is IR-active (b) All IR-active normal modes are necessaily Raman inactive. (c) All Raman-active normal modes are necessarily IR-active (d) It is possible to have a pair of IR-active normal modes that are degenerate.
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    option D is correct From the table it is clear that  Option (1) I incorrect because IR-active mode is either A2 or E both are not totally symmetric  Option (2) is inc...
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