Nida Haque Asked a Question
December 4, 2020 12:44 pmpts 20 pts
Hello..I m a MSc microbiology 1st year student .Am I eligible for csir net ?
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  • Mahima chaudhary
    No you are not eligible
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    Nida Haque
    r u sure..?
  • Sonampreet kaur
    yes u can give it for ur preparation but not eligible for any fellowship based on CSIR net ...
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    Sonampreet kaur
    as u can give exam in first year .. but you are not eligible for the csir based jrf etc because for that you need to have your result... so for practising only .. my guide told me ...
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  • Mehraj
    yes u r eligible.
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  • Anup Padwal Best Answer
    After the 1st Semester exam you can be apply for CSIR. Because exam need any postgraduate result to apply. So start your preparation and apply for June-2021. Best of luck.
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  • Anshika jotshi thankyou
    Yes you are eligible.
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